Angela Shelton is an acclaimed filmmaker, writer, actress and public speaker. She has been featured on Oprah, Lifetime, 48 Hours, Larry King, Ricki Lake, and on the cover of the New York Times.

Angela wrote her first manuscript at the age of nineteen while modeling in Paris. She bridged into acting at twenty-one when she booked the lead in the film, Comfortably Numb.

Angela adapt her first novel into the film Tumbleweeds. The film won the filmmaker’s trophy at the Sundance Film Festival and brought the lead actress, Janet McTeer, an Academy Award nomination and a Golden Globe win.

Angela began writing screenplays and teleplays for Showtime, Sony Classics and Canal + and received outstanding reviews for her adaptation of Kaye Gibbon’s novel Charms for the Easy Life for Showtime, starring Gena Rowlands and Mimi Rogers.

…The real charm here isn’t the rabbit’s food but the work of Angela Shelton, who turned the historic novel by Kaye Gibbons into a witty and engaging teleplay filled with sparkle, the right amount of sentimentality and some truly memorable performances.
The Hollywood Reporter
Angela’s directing debut was the multi-award winning documentary Searching for Angela Shelton. 

Searching for Angela Shelton led to appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Larry King Live, 48 Hours Investigates, NPR, Lifetime Television, and the cover of the New York Times.

She next wrote Finding Angela Shelton, Recovered: a true story of triumph after abuse, neglect and violence about how her experience making the documentary changed her life forever and caused her to stop self-abuse in her own life.

Searching for Angela Shelton is too important, too meaningful, too touching, TOO TERRIFIC to been seen casually. From the first frame to the last I was in turn riveted, weepy, drained, shattered, hopeful …and plenty of other emotions in between.


Angela is one remarkable, talented lady. It took enormous courage, persistence, and honesty to pull this off. Most importantly, she managed to keep her sense of humour, and at the same time show a willingness to forgive. What an unbeatable combo! This film should be shown in every home, in every country, in the world. Bravo!

Jake Eberts, Producer, Driving Miss Daisy

safesideHer Emmy award winning performance as a Superhero Safe Side Superchick for children in the video series, The Safe Side, is shown in classrooms around the country.

Angela has traveled the world speaking to various audiences about the epidemic of abuse. She has spoken in Congress, universities, military bases, high schools, elementary schools, community centers, conferences and seminars nationwide and abroad.

She has helped thousands of people learn how to move forward and live “happily ever after.”  Her unique perspective and joyful humor inspire others “to live a joyful life no matter what you’ve been through (and we all have a story).

Angela’s Be Your Own Hero Healing Workbook is used in classrooms, support groups, and therapist’s offices around the country.

To know Angela Shelton is to love her. To work on a film with her—as I have twice—is to witness a force of nature and a force for good.

While at New Line Cinema, as I was embarking on The Lord Of The Rings trilogy, I saw Angela’s first film as a screenwriter, Tumbleweeds,, and knew it would take us to the Oscars. It did.

I supported Angela in her debut as a documentarian, Searching For Angela Shelton, and watched that film bring a healing platform to abused women and rally the likes of Oprah Winfrey to its cause.

As Angela prepares to direct Heart, Baby with her characteristic optimism, grit and devotion, I am confident that she will move audiences and change lives again.

Mark Ordesky, Producer, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy