“As a survivor of an abusive childhood, I left the world of victimhood long ago and wrote my own happy ending.

As a filmmaker, screenwriter, author, actor and public speaker I am here to remind you that you are an awesome spark of wonderfulness and can do the same!”

Healing and moving on from trauma.

After years of traveling with her documentary, Angela was thrown into the world of trauma and recovery and became fascinated with healing.

“Not only did I want to heal from my own abusive past, I wanted to help others find healing.”

She began researching healing techniques for everything from panic attacks to anger issues and talked to over 30,000 survivors and people working in trauma and recovery.

Five Steps to Healing

Warrior WorkbookTrauma is like being pierced with a sword.

Step One – Acknowledge the Sword (This is when you see how your life, your health, your relationships are affected by trauma aka the sword)

Step Two – Remove the Sword (This can really hurt, just like pulling a sword out of your body, but like the sword, it has an end point and doesn’t last forever.)

Step Three – Heal the Wound (This is where you practice the loads of healing techniques out there and find the ones that work for you. You alter your old negative voice track in your head to a positive healthy and supportive one.)

Step Four – Use Your Sword (This is when you learn to change your behavior from victim to thriver. Instead of being triggered by past trauma and projecting your past onto your present relationships, you learn to use your sword to cut away negative thoughts, reactions, and old abusive behaviors.)

Step Five – Practice Sword Play (This is when trauma and recovery are not longer in your vocabulary 24/7 and you’re reclaiming playtime in your life, learning to use your sword aka your life experiences to do creative things in the world with love instead of vengeance.)

Angela is an unstoppable force for honor, justice, courage. By finding her voice she has given permission to tens of thousands of survivors to say, ‘me too’ and thus begin their own journey of healing and recovering.
With relentless honesty, humor and vitality, Angela Shelton opens the door for countless others to stop denying their pain, tell their stories, and join together in the revolutionary act of getting well and loving themselves.